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08.29-14 ThEN: Educations which I faced in TW and my school life (↓)

    Alright,welcome back,if you haven't seem the previous article,see 'em here!So this part will not be so serious,and let me introduce you my life in school.

1.School type,fees and something similar blablas


    I've studied in Nanshan high school,this school provided kindergarten,cram school(for elementary),junior and senior high school,junior high school separate to normal classes,language elite class,English elite class and mathematical gifted class,no doubt that math gifted is the best,if we compare these 4 classes as a graph,it might look like this:
  The first line is math,second is English,third is other subject,and other school means a Public school which is typical one,and most of them in class,not all(There were always tops hide in the publics)
  So,I am the mathematical gifted class's student.Do you know how happy I am when I've know that I has been accepted by this schools mathematical gifted classes?I think that I have mentioned in my Google+,and here's the paper which tells me that I've been accepted.I was so grateful to the luck that day.
  OK,so that's it for the type section,and I bet that we shall keep on moving.


    Our school is quite cheap in this kind of service quantity,it cost you NTD 132,000 per year,but school always like you to purchase books,extra books,practice paper,more of them,uniform,backup uniform,school bus,extra curriculum courses...everything,even collect money for building new towers(This reminds me for my previous school,si xian elementary,they collect money for building new lecture hall,and I was like,KOPS?I can't use it after I pay it!I am going to graduate!)But,it's still expensive for typical families,good news is,they provide scholarship,if you catch every chance to get them,you can even earn money by studying!(like,when I get accepted by this school,I already get a 17% off of my fee.)

2.Lessons in Nanshan

  I actually got a lot to write,but bad news is I afraid you can't forfit(that's my invention)that much words,so I'll make it short.And we have to skip grade 7.


    Chinese is the major subject which worth three times important then other normal subject.My teacher from grade 7 to 8 is all same,Mrs.tsai. She's a very nice teacher and she's magical(It's miserable and magical oh yeah~[22,Taylor swift(yeah!)] ),cause regular classes gets lots of work to do and they are piss off,but they don't get good grades as us.She always have fun with us in the lesson,but we can still finish the courses earlier,since we have to complete 3 years courses in 2.25 years.She often tell us the jokes about her homeroom's students and her sister,which is also Chinese teacher of Nanshan,and replaces her sister when she can't come.


    Math is also an important subject in Nanshan,it also worth three times important then others.My math teacher,Mr.chen,also known as Rome(because of his belly) is also my homeroom teacher.So he always take Alternative class to maths.But that's because we have to complete 3 years in 2.25.Math is boring,but with him,it's still ok.Close to edge,but not yet fall.


    English worths 2.4 times then others,because we've got a creepy subject,GEPT Specific,and that needs some scores so students won't give up it.
    But trust me,english is so easyyyyyyyy~ in Taiwan,let me show you.(Or watch the video)
    The first picture(may be left one or up one,I don't know HTML)is what I've learned when I was 4 or 5,but it is as easy as my student book right below when I am 13 now!Why the fod will the lessons be so easy?

    Besides,remember the english elite classes?They learned something harder,like masterpiece ,or 2,500 basic words like the picture in the left.You know what?I am here to learning new stuffs,not smashing other or make them seems stupid,but something magically is,I failed the skipping test.
    Luckily,my English teacher Iris knows this situation,so she courage us to do harder paperwork(Although,basic is still respect her a lot,she's a good teacher.
    Also,we've got American teacher to in case Asian accent,mine is teacher Rex,he is from Texas(probably),and I like him,cause he is humor.

[Science:Biology, Physica and Chemistry]

    So in my age,we've already completed the biology courses we will faced in junior high level,and since I haven't take too much Physica and chemistry lessons,I will tell you some biology.

    Totally sucks.I hate biology,but since this is the basic for doctors,I have to hold it.Our teacher is Mrs.Zheng,but she was a low rated teacher in our class.She always tell us to find the answers ourselves even we've already tried very hard and failed.She treats our classmates very hard,and I think none of us haven't been punished by her.

--Physica and Chemistry
    Our teacher of this subject is a high rated teacher in parents but a low rated devil in his previous teaching classes,Mr.He(sorta weird one,but ok if you pronounce in chinese).We've all received a big pack of gift from him,72 pages full of quiz,and a big thick trivia book.

[Social study]

    This part of subject has been divided by three minor subjects,history,geography and civics study.


    We've change the teacher,and now it's Mrs.chiu.She is a nice teacher,but not a good exam creator.She gave us too much tests,so the 5 stars drops to 4 now.She always use story to let us attend,and imagine the life of ancient china.


    We've got the same teacher,Mr.Zheng.Something fun in his lesson is,trick him.
    One time,we are rushing up lessons due to the critical time,he says,I've been to Israel,so we trapped him to make him tell us his story,and when he ends,it's break time!I'll never forget how anger he is,but he can't blame anyone because he ask for it.

--Civics studies

    This was used to be the easiest subject,but we're starting to learn the laws,it is a big work to do.
    We've got a very hard homework from Mr.Ko, we have to hand in a 5,000 words report and a 12 minutes powerpoints.It is tough,although we are teamed up.

[Minor subjects]

    The following subjects doesn't count scores in our report card.But I like some of them.

    We've got a very famous musician as music teacher!!!!Here's her perform
    She is so talented,I bet she has a super high salary,since she is a very good soprano.But she is not quite good at emotion managing,she often punish whole class even though there is only one unproper student.


    My art teacher is Ms.Yu,also known as fish roll.She is very emotional,she can be so happy in the last moment,and rage up high in the next second.In fact,I only get an A in this subject,I scored A+ in other subject.It's not easy to survive,good news is this doesn't counts score.


    PE is always annoying for me,my PE teacher is Ms.Pan,I like my teacher,but not activities,except swimming,badminton and Tee ball.I am almost bad in everything.
    Alright,we still got some other subject,such as:computers,club time,library time or something like this,but I am so tired right now so let's just skip them.
    So,that's it for today,please+1,share or something,I am gonna take a rest,this costs me lots of time,and...
    "See 'ya!"

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